Drying Equipment,Granulator,Mixer,Manufacturer in China
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Jiangsu Xianfeng Drying Engineering Co., Ltd.

Add.: Zhenglu Industrial Park, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Tel.: +86-519-88930111

Fax: +86-519-88930288

Drying Equipment Manufacturer in China

Jiangsu Xianfeng Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. is a China drying equipment manufacturer, committed to providing our global customers with a wide variety of safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly drier, granulation equipment, mixing equipment and grinding equipment at economical prices. We accomplish this with the help of our outstanding research, design, production, and sales teams. What's more, we strive to meet all our clients' drying equipment needs by offering 8 series, 36 kinds, and more than 290 specifications of our drier, granulator, mixer, pulverator, grinder, deduster, sieving machine, and other products. For example, our driers can be subcategorized into specific drying equipment that includes our hot air oven drying equipment, belt drying machine, and centrifugal dryer, to name a few. Our products are applicable for treating many kinds of materials, such as powder, particle, flake, block, filter cake, paste, and liquid. Xianfeng drying equipment and other products are used in such industries as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, building materials, mineral production, electronics, the light industry, and more.

    1. Belt Drying Equipment
    2. Belt Drying EquipmentThe Belt Drying Equipment is popular for continuous drying. It is widely used in the chemical industry, foodstuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction materials industry, electronics industry, and more. This is exceptionally suited for drying raw materials that are shaped in strips or granules. It is also possible to dry raw materials that are paste, such as filter cake, after being formed by a granulator or extruder.
    1. Fluidizing Drying Equipment
    2. Fluidizing Drying EquipmentThe fluidizing drying equipment accomplishes fluidized drying, heat transfer express.
      Operation in hermetic closure and negative pressure provides no dust nuisance.
      Through the use of antistatic filter material, processing is safe.
      There is no blind angle, and the fluidizing drying equipment is easy to clean, while also offering no cross ...
    1. Centrifugal Atomizing Drying Equipment
    2. Centrifugal Atomizing Drying EquipmentSpray drying is the widest used technology in the liquid shaping technology and in the drying industry. Centrifugal Atomizing Drying Equipment is most suitable for producing powder, particles or solid block products from materials of solution, emulsion, soliquoid and pumpable paste states. Therefore, spray drying is useful to create the desired particle size, ...
    1. Revolving Vacuum Drying Equipment
    2. Revolving Vacuum Drying EquipmentThe Double Conical Revolving Vacuum drying equipment is a new style dryer integrating mixing and drying in one body. It is equipped with a condenser and vacuum pump. (If the solvent does not recover, the condenser may not be used). The design of this machine is advanced and its inner structure is simple. Therefore it is clean, very convenient, and the raw material can be discharged fully. It can reduce labor and improve the ...
    1. Flash Evaporation Drying Machine
    2. Flash Evaporation Drying MachineThe flash evaporation drying machine is new and highly efficient fluid drying equipment which is researched and developed for the purpose of replacing the low-efficiency and high-consumption static drying previously used. We have used the features of ordinary fluid drying such as air stream drying, in the designing process, and have created a flash evaporation drying machine which is much more advanced.
    1. Fluidized Bed Drying Machine
    2. Fluidized Bed Drying MachineThe fluidized bed drying machine is a highly versatile dryer which is used to dry granules, crystalline and coarse powders, and similar materials for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyestuff and related industries. Operation is quite simple. Raw materials are fed into the fluid bed dryer. Then they move forward continuously while being vibrated and hot air passes through the fluidized-bed to affect heat ...
    1. Vacuum Harrow Drying Machine
    2. Vacuum Harrow Drying MachineThis is a horizontal, batch-type vacuum harrow drying machine. The moisture of wet material is evaporated by heat transmission. A stirrer with a squeegee removes any raw material from the hot surface and circulates it in the container. The evaporated moisture is pumped out by vacuum pump.
    1. Chicken Seasoning Granulating Drying Machine
    2. Chicken Seasoning Granulating Drying MachineChicken essence is very popular in international market. Our chicken seasoning granulating drying machine is designed for producing high quality chicken essence with high sanitary standard and scientific production processes.
      In order to meet customers' different demands, we can offer chicken seasoning production machines ...

Established in 1997, we at Xianfeng Drying have over a decade of experience in the drying equipment industry. Over the years, we have developed into a company that possesses a strong technology base, state of the art facilities for creating and testing new products, precise processing equipment, a strict management system, and follow up services for all our fine products. We begin the production process by inspecting and testing all incoming raw materials. In order to ensure the high quality and precise size of our drying equipment, mixing equipment, and more, in the manufacturing of our equipment we use superior quality production machinery such as our automatic welding machine, water jet cutting machine, and CNC machine tools. Final products are sample tested to make certain that only qualified products reach our valued customers. Furthermore, in order to advance our production technology we work with universities, colleges, and other scientific institutes to constantly improve our drying machine, mixer, vacuum dryer, fluid bed granulator, and other exceptional equipment. Because of our commitment to quality, Xianfeng has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system and the ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System. Our dryer, mixer, grinding equipment, and all other machinery are CE certified as well.

Xianfeng is dedicated to providing high quality products at economical prices. One way we accomplish this is by utilizing a 5S workplace methodology that allows us to improve productivity and eliminate wastes during manufacturing, thus saving production cost. In addition, we use an advanced MRP production planning and inventory control system to manage our manufacturing processes, also helping to save on management cost. Our 20,000 square foot factory is located in Changzhou City, 150 km from Shanghai and near the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway. This locations allows us convenient access to seaports, airports, and a complete highway system, further reducing our clients' transportation costs. Our drying equipment, granulation equipment, mixing equipment, and other products are exported around the world to such countries as the United States, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Australia, Poland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Cameroon, and more.

At Xianfeng, we pledge to be a pioneer in the drying equipment industry. We welcome customer feedback.